Mazes Are Not Always Fun
Lost in a maze that has no exit! What can be worse than that?

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The Maze Runner is written by James Dashner. This book is science fiction because it takes place in a maze that seems to be floating in mid-air in the middle of nowhere. Inside the maze there are creatures called Grievers. They are like slugs, but they curl into a ball to move. When they stop, metal spikes shoot out and many metal arms that have needles, knifes, and saw blades swing around to catch anything in their way. There is no exit and, unlike a normal maze, the walls move every night making it impossible to stay out in the maze at night because the Grievers would kill you. If you don't make it back into the Glade before the doors close then you are stuck in the maze for the night. The Glade is the only safe place in the maze. There is a "box" that carries the new people up to the maze. There is a newbie every month. The Grievers only come out at night and they will kill you and eat you before the morning. There are only three people who have survived a night in the maze; Thomas, Alby, and Minho. Alby got stung by a Griever and he went into a sort of coma that was called "The Changing". Thomas tied Alby to the ivy so he would be safe from the Grievers. The three most important characters in this book are Thomas, Teresa, and Chucky. Thomas and Teresa helped the creators design the maze but after their memory was wiped they didn't remember. They can talk telepathically to each other. Chucky is Thomas's best friend and one of the only ones he has in the Glade.

The three most important events in this book are when Thomas finds himself in the Glade, when Teresa wakes up from her coma, and when Thomas, Teresa, and Chucky shut down the maze. When Thomas finds himself in the maze he panics and doesn't know what to do. He can't remember why he is there, he only remembers his first name. When Teresa wakes up from her coma she goes straight to Thomas and finds him in the forest, which is his favorite place to go and sit in peace. When they find the exit and the Grievers are about to kill them they see a button that says "kill maze." They pushed it and shut down the maze and all of the other Grievers to stop them from killing those trapped in the maze with them.

This book is full of suspense, action, and is very well written. You might get lost in the beginning, but it will all make sense in the end. You won't know what will happen on the next page. You will have many questions at the beginning of the book but they all will be answered in the end. (The beginning is confusing but it is full of things that will come up later in the book.) The author is a great writer and I can't wait to read book two of the series.

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