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P.A.T. (Preferred Activity Time)


Homework is necessary for practicing skills and enriching the classroom experience. Time is given in class for completion of most assignments. To enable success with homework we require the following for organizing homework:

· Write homework in your HWNB as soon as it is assigned

· Write assignment exactly the way it is written on the board

· Highlight assignments as they are completed

· Double check the homework hotline when in doubt

All assignments are to be turned in neat, include the proper heading, and on time. Students can earn maximum of ten points for best effort and following procedures/instructions/directions. One day late is minus three points. Additional points will be deducted for not following procedures. If homework is turned in after one day late, assignment is zero credit. In addition, students are not allowed to call home if they forget their homework.


+4 work is complete minimal errors

+3 work is turned in on time

+2 heading is complete

+1 work is neat and easy to read

Students will have an opportunity to earn homework passes throughout the year. If a student receives 100% on an assessment, a homework pass will be awarded. Homework passes may be earned in other ways such as helping a teacher during recess. Homework passes are given at the teacher’s discretion. A Homework pass can be used only to extend an assignment’s due date (one day per homework pass). Homework passes are not used to excuse an assignment or in place of an assignment. We encourage students to save their homework passes in case they forget an assignment or have a legitimate situation, which prevents them from completing their work. To ensure success, students are required to turn in late homework even if they don’t receive credit. Students who have excessive missing homework will not participate in PAT (preferred activity time) time activities and may not be eligible to attend fieldtrips. If and when these situations do occur, students will be working on missing assignments. However, our goal as educators is to support our students to learn successfully.

Regular school attendance is critical to each student’s success. When a student is absent, they are missing valuable instructional time. However, if your child is running a fever or displays extreme symptoms, we encourage you to keep them home to recuperate. All absences need a written note of explanation upon returning to school. Students will be allowed to make up work in most cases. However, some class work / homework is difficult or impossible to make up such as group work, hands on activities or a fieldtrip. In these cases a student may be given an alternate assignment.

Parents who are interested in chaperoning on a fieldtrip and or helping in the classroom, need to have all require school information updated or complete. “Shield the Vulnerable”, TB test (must be updated every two years), and all other required documentation.

According to the Student Handbook cell phones are not allowed at school. If a cell phone is brought to school, it will be taken away and returned at the end of the day. Text messaging to other students is a distraction and at times can be considered harassment by the person receiving the message. We encourage parents to support this policy. Please bring any concerns regarding this policy to the classroom teacher. Thank you.

Students are allowed free dress on their birthday. Should their birthday fall on a weekend or holiday, they may have free dress the following school day. Students whose birthdays are in the summer will be given a designated time for their free dress day. Please refer to the student handbook or the school website, regarding free dress code.

Healthy snacks are allowed for birthday celebration, or an alternative non-edible gift. Snacks can be brought in before morning recess or fifteen minutes before school ends. Reminder, beginning 2008-2009, Wednesdays are 1:30 dismissal. Any sugary treats such as donuts, cookies, candy bars etc. will not be distributed and sent up to the front office. This is now a school wide policy. Thank you for your support.

The class working together and displaying teamwork earns P.A.T. time. Some ways the class can earn P.A.T. are turning in 100% homework in a subject, lining up and following the DWP procedures in the hall, compliments from other teachers and staff on their behavior, solving problems and at the teacher’s discretion. P.A.T. is used for such activities as playing games (educational or community building), movies (with a moral to the story), and extra recess time (in ten minute increments).

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