Holy Rosary Catholic School

Parent Volunteers


Volunteer Guidelines

In order to volunteer to work in a classroom, go on field trips, work the hot lunch program, or participate in any activity that will put you in contact with our students you must provide the following:

• Current PPD (Tuberculosis) Test Results on file (updated every 4 years).
• Current copy of your Safe Environment training certificate on file (see below).
• Receipt from Live Scan fingerprinting on file.
• Parent dress code form signed and returned to teacher for field trips (see school handbook for more information).
• Adult chaperones for an overnight field trip must be screened per Megan's Law.
• Sign in as a visitor at the office while on campus.

Safe Environment Training

Please Note
The Diocese of Oakland has now changed the Safe Environment training to VIRTUS; they are no longer using Shield the Vulnerable.  Any current Shield the Vulnerable training certificates will be honored until they expire.
The Diocese of Oakland is dedicated to raising awareness of abuse and neglect, and providing training and resources to help protect our students. Volunteers must go online to take the training course before assisting our students.  Once you complete the training, please print your certificate of completion and file it with the school office.

SignUp Genius

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(See Parents as Partners on your Holy Rosary School Contract.)